Step 2 Take your COVID Test


Before you take your sample find your nearest Royal Mail priority postbox and check collection times. Go to

If you are using a courier service, please book your collection time to ensure your sample is collected in a timely manner.

Do not take your test on a bank holiday, take it on the following day instead.

Time to take your test.

You can watch the video to assist you  further with how to take a coronavirus self-test swab for both adults and children.

Please note: this video may contain a test kit that is different to your test kit. Please follow the written instructions carefully. Dr Amir Khan shows you how to self-administer a swab test for coronavirus. It’s a simple nasal and throat swab (this is different to the nasopharyngeal swab test). This is for the self-test kits in the UK – exact models may vary.

Please always follow the written instructions provided with your kit. If you're at home, please register your kit online per the instructions in your kit – otherwise you will not get your results. Click here

How to test your child for coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK

A how to video on testing your child for coronavirus. This is the throat and nose swab test which will test for whether your child has coronavirus now. Exact kits may vary. Click here

Testing for coronavirus at home via the gov website

Once you have taken your test return your test kits to our partner UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis.